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Say hello to blockchain as a service. The solution that brings intelligent and relevant rewarding together with traceability and safety. Customize a secure rewards program for your customers.

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Engage your customers with intelligent rewarding

We value your customers’ interactions and contributions. Our solution allows you to start a flexible and smart rewarding strategy that measures the engagement of your customers and improves your relationship with them.

Value Based Customer Engagement

A blockchain technology for your rewarding and engagement programs based on the value of your customers. Define your generosity: we will take care of redistributing it according to customer behavior and ROI.

Enhance your Brand Affinity

Unlike other classic rewarding systems, rewards are calculated not only on the basis of purchasing behavior but also on engagement and the quality of relationship with your brand and content, responses to surveys, and whether they are a promoter or detractor of your brand.

Brand-Consumer Relationships

With reciprocity and transparency in mind, reinvent the relationship with your consumers and create value from and for your customers.

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Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

Find out what your customer’s experiences can do for your business. Now more than ever the voice of the customer and brand loyalty will fuel your company.

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