Influencer Marketing

Connect micro/nano influencers with your brand and let them speak for you. Create your own campaigns in a quick and easy way thanks to our user-friendly platform. Our solution will generate UGC and increase your brand’s awareness and conversions through influencer marketing.

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Increase brand awareness

Rapidly Increase your sales and reach up to 3 billion new consumers thanks to our nano and micro influencers. They will select and test your products and you will receive free media coverage on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or even TikTok.

Reach new customers

Once you have found the right influencer that fits your brand´s image and values, you will be able to reach the right audience. By addressing the influencers´ community that corresponds to your target, you will quickly generate additional sales!

Increase your ROI

Thanks to our DIY platform you´ll be able to create your own campaigns and you will even have bigger results compared to traditional advertisement, reducing your acquisition costs.

Campaign creation

Easily create your campaign in our DIY platform, choose the product or service you want to promote and define your main objectives. Set up specific triggers according to your needs (contest…). 

Research and matching 

Get access to thousands of influencers present in different social networks and filter your search according to your needs. In addition, receive automatic proposals of influencers´ profiles, that match your company´s brand. 

Launch and reporting

Discover a new communication channel that allows you to stand out, but also to innovate and test what works best. Collect all the data, analyze your performance and identify areas of improvement. 

Why choosing influencers

Choose micro-nano influencers and attain maximum results!

Real ambassadors

Develop authentic relationships based on trust and proximity thanks to micro/ nano influencers. Rely on their engaged communities to gain notoriety with Influencer Marketing solution!

Customized rewards

Generally, you will not need to pay an extra fee to get the Nano and micro/ influencers mediatic coverage. The only thing you´ll have to do is to send them your products.

Higher engagement rate

Micro-influencers have a higher interaction rate with their community than macro-ones. Higher engagement rates mean higher results for your campaign! 

Predictive and individualized Platform to boost customer Performance

Micro Influencers

 Create campaigns with micro influencers and reach out between 10,000 to 100,000 followers.

Nano Influencers​

Create campaigns with Nano  influencers and reach out between 1,000 to 10,000 followers.

Consumers reached

Reach your target audience thanks to the influencers´ communities and take advantage of their networks. 

Products sent​

Select the product you want to promote and send it to the right influencer. Receive media coverage and be visible to new prospects.

Launched campaigns

Define your objectives, create the right campaign in our platform. 


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