CX Management

Turn customer experiences into business opportunities. We help companies capture their customer information to make data-driven decisions and improve their business.

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Create Smart Questionnaires

Create smart and dynamic questionnaires quickly with our intuitive editor. Increase your response rate with custom formats that adapt to every device.

  • Create Smart Questionnaires
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    Collect the Data you Need

    By e-mail, SMS, shopping cart, website… collect all the data you need. Target the information you are missing and our platform will do the rest.

  • Collect the Data you Need
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    Manage your Customer Experience

    Create customized dashboards and reports in real time. Identify your KPIs and optimize the customer experience.

  • Manage your Customer Experience
    • Ask the right questions to the right people

      We mix existing data from your CRM with behavioral and contextual data to ask very specific questions that provide you with highly qualified information and with excellent response rates (75% on average).

      Activate the data you collect daily

      Feed your marketing flows with high-value data. Trigger actions when specific responses arrive. Configure alerts, create support tickets, send notifications, mark users, and update potential clients’ information.

      Collect the missing data from your CRM

      The most powerful CRM is the one with the best data. Smart surveys are tailored based on the data you need, so you’ll always ask questions that give you actionable data.


      Increase your understanding of why a customer bought or not, spotting trends that directly impact revenue, and identifying areas for improvement to drive real-time data-driven decision making is now possible. We’ll show you how.

      Net Promoter Score

      Measure customer loyalty by assessing your NPS.

      Customized Data

      Import your own data to create exclusive drop-down lists for your business.

      Custom Questions

      Checkboxes, drop-down lists, and multiple-choice questions. The choice is yours.

      Creation and Design Capabilities

      Create smart surveys quickly and easily in our intuitive editor. Customize their appearance with our easy-to-use styling tool.

      20+ Question Types

      From basic to advanced question types, we have what you need.

      Text Collection

      Use free-field question types to capture customer feedback.

      Logic and Branching

      Redirect respondents to specific questions and pages based on their answers.

      Rating Scales

      Give your questions some fun with stars and emoticons.

      Image Selection

      Increase response rates by adding visual flair to your questions.

      Template Library

      Use best-performing industry-tested survey templates with smart scenarios and streamlined implementations.


      Get super-specific customer data that is missing from your CRM. You can activate questions on your website after a specific action such as a click or scrolling to a section of the page. You can also stop your surveys once a certain amount of collected data is reached.

      Time Spent on Page

      Ask questions after spending a specified amount of time on a specific page of your website.

      Page Views

      Activate surveys based on the specific pages visited by your users.

      Exit Intent

      Trigger questions to a visitor who is about to abandon their cart and leave your site.

      Targeting Functionalities

      Segmenting your customers efficiently can represent the success or failure of your business, it is time to take your strategy to the next level.


      Ask questions of visitors coming from paid ads or competing websites.


      Ask inactive customers questions to identify where you have issues.

      Date and Time

      Schedule surveys to collect data on specific dates and times.

      Limit Collection

      Stop your surveys once a certain amount of collected data is reached.


      Segment your surveys according to the language of your client’s browsers.

      Mouse Tracking

      Trigger questions on your website after a mouse click, scroll or other event on the screen.


      Integration and deployment in your project are essential, which we will help you achieve. To make this step as agile and simple as possible, and we integrate into your strategy as soon as possible with our tool.

      Ultra Responsive Design

      Your surveys always look good, whether you are on a mobile device, tablet or PC.

      Automatic Contact Sync

      Import your contacts continuously via API or FTP server to automate survey implementation.

      Native Email Integration

      Allow recipients to reply directly from email, dramatically increasing response rates.

      Deployment Functionalities

      Enjoy automatic contact syncing via API or FTP server to automate survey deployment. And segment your contacts in a simple way, integrating with your email. All this in one click!

      Contact List

      Segment your contacts easily within MyFeelBack.

      Email Templates

      Choose from a variety of industry-proven email templates or create your own.

      Multi-lingual Surveys

      Adapt the survey language to your customers to reach a global audience.


      Implement surveys through text messages and interact with your customers.


      Never ask the same person twice or within a certain period of time.


      Choose from various formats between pop-ups, bars and buttons.


      We give you the opportunity to segment, update and activate everything in your strategy. Update specific fields of your database, analyze post-feeback actions, and enrich your CRM.

      Field Mapping

      Update specific fields in your database using our powerful mapping tool.

      Post Feed-back Plans

      Trigger actions when specific responses arrive. Set up alerts, create tickets, and send emails.

      CRM Enrichment

      Enrich your CRM and marketing tools continuously with actionable data.

      Activation Functionalities

      Activate your strategy and go to the next level with our solution.

      Contact Creation

      Generate new leads in your CRM from your surveys.

      Update Contacts

      Keep an up-to-date database with up-to-date and qualified data.


      Salesforce, Adobe Campaign, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Hubspot, Sugar CRM and more


      Analyzing data in real time is critical to your business. Thanks to our tool you can consult and generate customized reports based on the department, the product, or point of sale.

      Custom Reports

      Create customized reports based on department, product, or point of sale.


      Set alerts when your KPIs reach a certain threshold.


      Analyze specific datasets using advanced filters.

      Analysis Functionalities

      Whatever your analytics needs are, our solution will meet them. Reliable and highly qualified data is now at your fingertips.


      Report by Mail

      Schedule daily, weekly or monthly email reports for all your teams.


      Share and export reports in csv, pdf, html format or via FTP.

      Dynamic Tables

      Build your graphs based on the KPIs you want to monitor and take control of the entire customer experience.


      Our tool integrates with the main CRM, marketing tools and applications that you use every day for your work.


      Adopt a customer centric approach by sharing collected customer experience data with all departments and members of your organization.

      Improve Performance

      Integrate with your tools and see real-time the data collected throughout the customer journey for a 360 ° knowledge of your customers.

      Centralize Information

      MyFeelBack talks to your tools from day one. Nothing changes for you, except getting to know your customers better!

      The Many Integrations Available to you

      CRM solutions, CDP, email marketing, helpdesk, and analysis. MyFeelBack integrates with the main tools on the market to guarantee a fluid, integrated and efficient data collection.


      Empower your teams with real-time data from Salesforce.

      Dynamics 365

      Instantly enrich your database with valuable information.


      Feed Hubspot records with data collected from our surveys.